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Company : New Engineering Sdn. Bhd
Address : 37, Jalan 3A, Cheras Jaya, Balakong, 43200 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Telephone Number : 60-3-9074 0521
Mobile Number : 60-12-328 9860
Facsimile Number : 60-3-9074 0531
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Technical Name : Cross-linked EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate), PE foam (polyethylene) and blown rubber
Product Name : FlexOfom®
Product Code : Various, depends on type and density.

Hazard Codes

UN Number : Not a dangerous good
Hazchem Code : Not relevant
Class / Subsidiary Risk : Not relevant
Poisons Schedule Number : Not relevant


Major Recommended Uses : Foam material for thermal insulation, automotives, construction, electronics, sports gear, protective cushioning and packaging.
Method of Application : Not relevant

Physical Properties

Appearance : Fine closed cell foam with colours
Foam Density : Vary from low to medium and high
Water Absorption : <0.01 g/cm²
Solubility in Water : Nil
Odour : Some initially, but reduce with time.
Flashpoint : Not relevant.

Health Hazard Information

Health Effects

Acute : Not relevant
Chronic : Not relevant
General : This product offers no hazard by exposure

First Aid

Eye : No specific risk
Skin : No specific risk
Inhaled : Not relevant
Swallowed : Regarded as not toxic but not intended for human consumption

Precaution For Use


Exposure Standards : Not relevant
Engineering Controls : Not relevant

Personal Protection

Eye Protection : Not relevant
Glove Type : Not relevant
Clothing : Not relevant
Respirator Type : Not relevant


Sources of Ignition Advice : Product will burn when exposed to a flame

Safe Handling Information


Storage : Store in a cool dry place
Transport : Not relevant
Spills and Disposals : Recycle wherever possible before disposal

Fire/Explosion Hazard

Protective Clothing : Not relevant
Reactivity : Not relevant
Fire Fighting Procedure : No special procedure
Extinguishing Media : No restriction
Dangerous Decomposition : Not relevant


The information contained herein is offered only as a guide to handling of this specific material and has been prepared in good faith by technical personnel. It is not intended to be all-inclusive and the manner and conditions of use and handling may involve other and additional considerations. No warranty of any kind is given or implied.


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