The Chemically Cross-linked EVA / PE Foam For Thermoforming

FlexOfom® features a semi-rigid structure with sponginess texture. The foam has remarkable flexibility with various density, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good buoyancy, superior wet strength, special tear strength and good colour printing feature, has found wide applications in thermal insulation, packaging, automotives, engineering, agriculture, garments, baggage, sport gears, footwear and toys.

In many of the above applications, the foam is required to be formed into different shapes, as illustrated below. The process of obtaining the different shapes on FlexOfom® is a simple process called THERMOFORMING, which is essentially heating the foam and placing it into a chilled mould under pressure. With thermoforming, FlexOfom® has increased its scope of applications, tremendously, especially in the field of automotives, engineering, packaging and sport gears. The finished products will be more rigid and less spongy than the original foam.


Wide Applications of FlexOfom® in Thermoformed Products


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