Backed by more than 30 years’ experience and reputation in the manufacture and export of shoe soling materials, we have a wide range of products to cater for shoe manufacturers. Our Research & Development has done much product development to come up with product innovations to satisfy many customers’ needs, in addition to developing modern manufacturing techniques to maintain excellent product quality.


Light rubber sheets Ladies fashions and leisure shoes
EVA out-soles Leisure and casual sandals
Medium density EVA sheets Sport mid-soles, insoles, laminated uppers
Low density EVA sheets Sock lining, shoe padding
EVA unit soles Casual sandals and shoes
EVA shoe components Components, uppers, decorative items for shoes, sandals and beachwear


Product Features:

  • FlexOfom® shoe soles and components have a wide range to cater for men, ladies, boys, girls and children shoes.
  • FlexOfom®  shoe soles and components are designed for the latest shoe-line after intensive product development.
  • FlexOfom® shoe soles and components have excellent product quality, as the manufacturing process adheres to a stringent quality control system.
  • The shoe soles are favoured by shoes manufacturers, as the integrated high heel/slanding sheets simplify production and increase productivity.
  • The shoe soles have excellent clarity and gloss over a broad spectrum of colours. Together with its multi-coloured or fancy-coloured patterns, FlexOfom® shoe soles have wide appeal to shoe customers.
  • The shoe soles have reasonable abrasion property to ensure consumers’ confidence.
  • The shoe soles have good adhesion property to ensure problem-free bonding.
  • The shoe soles have low shrinkage and therefore the shoes are destined for export.
  • The shoe soles have an excellent texture to match a well-designed shoe upper to make good shoes that fetches higher price and profit.
  • FlexOfom® shoe soles and components, with its consistent high quality, are good value for money, as the shoes fetch a better price and a higher sale volume.

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