FlexOfom® features a semi-rigid structure with a sponginess texture. The foam, with its remarkable low density, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good buoyancy, superior wet strength, special tear strength and good colour printing feature has found wide applications in thermal insulation, packaging, engineering, agriculture, garments, baggage, sport gear, footwear and toys.


Thermal insulation of ducting and piping for air-conditioners, chillers, refrigerators. The foam can be incorporated with flame retardant property.


Thermal insulation and vapour barrier for roofing.


Joint filler for civil and building works, as the foam can accommodate expansion and contraction of the works. The foam does not absorb water during wet construction.


Vapour barrier on the exterior wall of tunnel to minimize dampness. Sound dampening on the interior wall of tunnel to minimize excessive noise.


Joint filler for railway line.

Heat preservation, light shielding and vapour barrier in gardening shed.


Tank insulation.

As walk path in cultivated land to prevent weeds growing on the walk path. Thereby reducing back-breaking task in clearing fast growing weeds.
Safety fender for boat.


As the foam is ultra-light and does not absorp water, it is used for surf board.
Huge float for use in the sea.
Kick board.


Cushion material for glass transportation.
Cushion material for automobile spare parts storage.


Automobile makers and auto-component makers find that the foam can be used on ceiling top, floor covering, door trim, sound control pad, dash-board, trunk mat etc. because of its superiority on heat insulation, shock absorbing, sound dampening, vapour barrier, lightness and ease in fabrication.


Cushion material for shock sensitive instruments eg. camera.
Separators for packaging cases eg. jewelly case.
Packaging material for conductive chips. The foam can be incorporated with conductive property.


Backing for carpet tiles
Shoe soling materials eg. insole (lightness, cushion)
Camping sleeping bag.


Toys (versatile, lightness).
Sport gears eg. glove, elbow pad, shin pad, etc.
Golf bag (lightness, tear strength, vapour barrier).


Baby carrier and cot (vapour barrier)


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