New Engineering Sdn Bhd (23502-D) commenced the manufacture of cross-linked EVA foam in 1978. In 1988, it had made plan to build a new factory and to expand its foam production. It then has a full time researcher, Dr. Chan Yun Keong, PhD to establish and implement its R & D programme to develop a range of engineering foams.

New Engineering Sdn Bhd offers wealth of specialised foam expertise in Malaysia. Specialty foams from New Engineering Sdn Bhd combine a unique blending of imagination and engineering to create foam materials optimised to meet your exact request – type, grade, density, hardness, sheet size, sheet thickness, etc. The company focus on expanded or blown foams that offer independent product development using leading edge technologies and precise machineries.

New Engineering Sdn Bhd engineer’s specialty foams are from a selection of engineering resins. We formulate modifications that can impact:

  • Colour or appearance feature
  • Elastomeric characteristics
  • Varying hardness
  • Structural improvements
  • Wear-resistant properties
  • Shielding capabilities
  • Flame retardant attributes
  • Conductivity

We select the proper resins, additives, modifiers, fillers, reinforcing agents, and colour pigment to meet your performance requirements.